viernes, septiembre 19, 2008


Wake up now little sleepyhead
from your nightmarish day with the dead trip

you'd be better off not to know
of the wild seeds you let go
from your thorny fingertips

try to clean bloodstained hands
that ran away and left the scene
of a crime last night

always thought you stood on the other side
never thought the roof would cave in
where you were hiding

there's a wave of fear that creeps right in
a vacant stare that can't say where it's been

or what's been laced,
the trail leads all over the place
there's an angel at your side
who rescued you in a nick of time
explains how you almost fell
and vanished into a fatal spell
she looks into your eyes and sees
there's something still missing

she notices a chunk bleeding from your chest
tries to stop the bloodflow with her best compress

but the wreckage is in a mess
there's an emotional tax, figured in after the facts
and stories unfold

the world grows dark and bones get cold
you look into your heart and you know
there's something still missing...